Bircherley Green amended plans submitted

May 26, 2020 4:14 pm

We are delighted to have submitted amended plans to East Herts Council taking into account comments raised.  We have reduced the number of apartments from 100 to 98, increased the spacing of the development from commercial properties in Bull Plain, and added extra design embellishments to the elevations including black cladding to the top floor of the blocks facing the river.

A sky bridge has been added to create a gateway feature between the two blocks, and a sack hoist with shutter doors has been added on the flank elevation facing Bull Plain, all to pay homage to the wharf concept for the scheme.

The working name of the development – Lea Wharf – has been added in ghost signage to the blocks as well.

If you would like to provide comments to the Council please follow the link below.

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